Collaborative Resources

No single approach is right for everyone. Many people find the no-court process, known as Collaborative Practice, a welcome alternative to the often destructive, uncomfortable aspects of conventional dispute resolution. 

Nobody makes divorce a goal in life. Divorce happens. When divorce happens, it’s painful, scary and overwhelming. What about your kids? Will you survive financially? What will it cost you? Who are you becoming now? Your future is so uncertain. We can help you move forward, minimizing the costs and the pain of divorce.  

IACP is the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, an international community of legal, mental health and financial professionals working in concert to create client-centered processes for resolving conflict. 

Provincial and territorial laws also have rules about child support, spousal support, and custody and parenting arrangements for children. These laws apply when an unmarried couple separates and when a married couple separates but does not apply for a divorce.  

MSC is the only company that utilizes DivorceMate Software Inc.’s Tools One engine, trusted by professionals across the country. MSC generates support figures consistent with DivorceMate when the same minimal input is used with minor variances for rounding.

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