How Collaborative Helps:
Cohabitation & Marriage Contracts

What is a cohabitation or marriage contact (also known as pre-nup)?

It’s a contract entered into by couples (married or unmarried) who want to determine how property gets divided before a separation, divorce, or death. They can also be used to determine spousal support (alimony) in the event of a break-up.

We do these cohabitation contracts in the collaborative process to ensure a successful relationship between you and your spouse. 

Why do I need a Cohabitation Agreement or Marriage Contract?

To ensure your relationship is successful. Your collaborative team will help you and your spouse plan your future together, including estate planning. 

Can I get a Pre-nup in the collaborative family law process?

Yes. Our team is experienced in drafting cohabitation agreements (which are also known as marriage contracts, or “pre-nups”).

We agree on everything, can you just draft an agreement?

Maybe. You and your spouse might not have considered everything. You might not know what you are giving up or what you are getting. The advantage of seeing a collaborative professional is to understand what you are getting into.  

Can same sex couples get a Pre-nup?

Yes. Collaborative Practice Sudbury is available for all people in families who need help.  

Ready to get started with the collaborative process?

It all starts with finding a professional near you and reaching out for a consultation. You’re taking the first steps towards reaching a smart settlement to your seperation. 


Learn how the Collaborative Process can help you easily navigate your family financials after separation.


Understand the ways the Collaborative Process allows you to handle property & assets.


Collaborative Practice allows for couples to arrange a cohabitation agreement or marriage contract.


See how Collaborative Practice is the best option for protecting your children's best interests.

Time & Cost

Collaborative Practice has the benefit of a reduced time commitment and lower expenses.

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