How Collaborative Helps: Financials

Every financial situation is different, and a team of collaborative professionals can help you navigate the process to reach the best possible conclusion for your family. We answered some of the most common financial concerns below so you can feel confident moving forward with collaborative practice. 

What do I need to do to protect myself right after my separation?

Talk to a Collaborative lawyer for legal advice.  Every separation is unique.  Remember, if you do something like cleaning out the bank account, then your spouse will be upset and not trust you.  This will make it difficult for your spouse to want to understand and help you. 

What happens if we reconcile?

Congratulations!  Every reconciliation is a little different.  Your Collaborative lawyer will advise you on the legal effect in relation to parenting, money and property.

What if my spouse is hiding assets?

Before you make any decisions, you will have all the financial information you need.  Spouses do not hide assets in Collaborative separations.  Collaborative professionals are not going to help your spouse to hide assets.

What if my spouse gets paid in cash and does not declare all of their income?

There is nothing wrong with getting paid in cash.  Not declaring that income is wrong and illegal.  Collaborative professionals are not going to help your spouse break the law.  Your spouse has agreed to a Collaborative separation and has promised not to hide undeclared income from you and the Collaborative professionals. 

Ready to get started with the collaborative process?

It all starts with finding a professional near you and reaching out for a consultation. You’re taking the first steps towards reaching a smart settlement to your seperation. 


Learn how the Collaborative Process can help you easily navigate your family financials after separation.


Understand the ways the Collaborative Process allows you to handle property & assets.


Collaborative Practice allows for couples to arrange a cohabitation agreement or marriage contract.


See how Collaborative Practice is the best option for protecting your children's best interests.

Time & Cost

Collaborative Practice has the benefit of a reduced time commitment and lower expenses.

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