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Serge F. Treherne


Serge F. Treherne has been practicing law for the past 30+ years. Family Law has always been a part of Serge’s practice, with Serge representing a wide variety of clients at all stages of matrimonial disputes, relating to custody, access, child support, spousal support and the division of property. Serge is committed to the process of Collaborative Law, regarding Collaborative Law as the preferred alternative to litigation to resolve disputes arising from relationship breakdown.

In addition to the practice of Family Law, Serge also has a real estate and general litigation practice, and has for many years acted as an agent for the Office of the children’s Lawyer in the representation of children in child protection matters as well as in disputes over custody and access. Additionally, for the past number of years, Serge has also acted as a Federal Prosecutor in the prosecution of drug offences as an agent for the Public Prosecution Service of Canada.


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